Hi, my name is Florian.

First things first — I love coffee and films. Somehow I never found myself in a cinema while holding a good cup of coffee in my hands. Occasionally, I consume TV shows like a junkie which might concur with coffee drinking, but can just as well involve great tea, organic wine or Speyside whisky, or neither of those.

What I seem to be good at — I grew up in the printing business but have been interested in digital media for much longer. Therefore I do final drawing and prepress work blindfolded and speak HTML, CSS and JavaScript near-to-fluent. For me, learning some new web technique is not a matter of how, it's a matter of when.

What I'd much rather like to do — I can't stop thinking about entrepreneurship and would like to found my own business. But since that is easier said than done, right now, I'm mostly keeping my mind open for the right idea. Within any company I would love to become part of the design (thinking) process, instead of coding 9 to 5.

Where does that leave me (and you)? — Are you working for a nice company and need help with designing and developing applications and services? Are you a business, marketing or computer science student and dream of building something great? In any case, if you think we should do something together, send me an e-mail or a tweet.

Concerned about security? Use PGP or text me via Threema.
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